+ Prescribed Grass (46min) - A poignant and sobering documentary on the powerful medicinal uses of cannabis in Israel.

+ The Scientist (1 hour): A documentary about Israeli scientist, Dr. Mechoulam who discovered THC and who's had government grants to study cannabis for DECADES.

+ TEDxBoulder (19min): The surprising story/video of medical cannabis and pediatric (children) epilepsy.

+ Leaf (15min): A mini-documentary showing how cannabis was used to replace numerous prescription drugs for an ailing young woman.

+ Nature science magazine article comparing alcohol with other drugs.

+ TED Talk "Everything You Know About Drug Addiction is Wrong" by the author of "Chasing the Scream," Johann Hari (14min). And this animation is also based on that talk.

+ Cannabinoids 101: What Makes Cannabis Medicine? (Leafly.com)

+ Cannabis "wikipad" filled with resources on cannabis (including documentaries and talks)

+ Patent by the US government that uses cannabis, even though the same government has made the plant illegal!

+ Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results (Feb 2015, New Yorker magazine) - link

+ Massroots - (mobile app/web app) Thee cannabis social network to connect with people in your town/city as well as globally.

+ Leafly - quality cannabis information from plant science to places to buy (dispensaries).

+ Green Flower Media - setting a high standard for thinking about cannabis culture

+ Merry Jane Media - news, culture, cannabis, and style. Check out this seedling-to-flower timelapse video.

+ I encourage everyone to see the documentaries "Generation Rx," "Bigger, Faster, Stronger," and "Prescription Thugs" about America's abusive (and at times deadly) love affair with "legal drugs."